10 Reasons Why being a Nurse Injector is Right for You

1. You Are a Detail-Oriented Individual

You are the kind of person who seeks perfection. You create checklists to make sure important details are not overlooked and you closely adhere to policies and procedures.

In the aesthetic arena, you know that symmetry is beauty; yet you also recognize the fact that very few people are anatomically and uniformly proportioned. Nevertheless, you are intrigued by the fact that an aesthetic “tweak” can visibly alter facial appearance, and symmetry can be closely achieved.

With all this knowledge in mind, the nurse who is contemplating a career as an aesthetic nurse injector can easily parallel her world to that of noted fashion designer Giorgio Armani, where his philosophy maintains that to create something exceptional, one’s mindset must be remarkably focused on the smallest of detail.

2. You Have an Aesthetic Eye

You adore design and you like being creative. Clearly, this does not mean that you can draw Leonardo Da Vinci’s 1489 masterpiece, Proportions of the Face and Eye. It simply means that you enjoy and appreciate the skillful methods of his artistry.

Truthfully, the more I learn about facial aesthetics, the more I become a Da Vinci follower. When I compare Leonardo Da Vinci’s 1485-87 Masterpiece, Study of a Young Woman in Profile to his 1487-90 Grotesque Profile, I find that the review provides a well-defined insight into facial aging.

I have also found that understanding the aging face allows one to gain a more defined aesthetic eye that can critically be used for recreating the youthful appearance of the face.

Most plastic surgeons I know possess a critical eye that can be expressed through their artistic flare regarding art or fashion. These characteristics are then further applied and demonstrated through favorable cosmetic outcomes for their patients.

Plain and simple-if you find the detail and scrutiny of art exciting, it may be a strong indicator that a great career choice for you would be that of a nurse injector!

3. You Find Cosmetic Procedures Not Just Glamorous But Interesting

Sure, Kim Kardashian puts the glam in glamorous. She is absolutely stunning! But it is her facial symmetry and perfect proportions that perplex you. You probably think that she is a patient of one of Hollywood’s premier cosmetic surgeons and you could never compete with that. Well, allow me to let you in on a little secret…being that I practice in star-studded Nashville, sure I have celebrities for clients. However, my average patient is not a high profile country music singer, or a Vogue super model.

My typical patient is a mom of elementary-school-aged kids who simply wants to look her best. Or to put it more plainly, my patients are regular moms who merely have a desire to slow down the signs of aging.

Clearly, cosmetic procedures are not just for Hollywood stage lights and the high-maintenance glamour set.

Aesthetic procedures can be far more interesting and rewarding to procure for “regular” patients who can relish in prolonging the fountain of their youth and be absolutely happy with what they see in the mirror!

4. You Enjoy Boosting Self-Image and Confidence in Your Patients

You know that nursing is not 100% about the treatment of physical needs. It also encompasses the enhancement of self-essence. You are cognizant that mainstream women want to look their best in any circumstance regardless of age.

With all this in mind, let us consider the newly divorced woman who was once very comfortable with herself but now is beginning to explore the uncharted waters of the dating world or enter the work field again. Because of her situation, she is feeling somewhat timid and unsure of herself and may want to do a “little something” to make herself look a bit more appealing or refreshed. This same woman steps into your office. She shares her concerns with you and you at once recognize that self-assurance and self-worth go hand in hand. You quickly offer her the suggestion that a simple enhanced lip border or a newly defined cheek can easily help to rejuvenate her. You also know that these particular recommendations will effortlessly boost that newly divorced woman’s self-confidence.

And last but not least, you experience joy and a sense of professional accomplishment when this “refreshed” client exhibits excitement at the subtle differences that she sees in a mirror after the aesthetic procedure.

5. Chronic Illness and Disease is Not Your Nursing Cup of Tea

Over the years, I have been a practicing nurse in the Trauma ICU, Perianesthesia Care Unit, and Gynecology-Oncology. In all honesty, what I loved most about these specialty areas was the surgical aspects-especially the hands-on component of each mentioned field.

Because of the excitement of the direct patient contact that comprised the surgical side of nursing, i.e., wound care, colposcopies, and looking at histology, I quickly came to the conclusion that managing blood pressure or tackling the emotional downside of each sub-specialty was definitely not for me.

Don’t get me wrong-I did find these areas of nursing to be rewarding. But I simply had no love or craving for my career. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that having a passion for active procedures and no love for chronic illness was a sign to me that perhaps, another area of nursing, in particular, plastic surgical nursing might in fact, just be my cup of tea.

After a quick change of professional nursing paths, I soon found my passion in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

Additionally, I discovered that nonsurgical aesthetic procedures are based on cash, or fee-for-service type of practice. This led to my understanding that this demographic then creates a clientele which is vastly different from that of traditional internal medicine practices.

Clients have more disposable income and enter your practice doors in a healthy state. In fact, for the most part, with aesthetic nursing, you don’t even have to worry about bringing any nasty virus’ back to your family!

6. You Like All Things Pretty!

Need I say more? Outside of nursing you are considered a fashionista. You like drama, style, and fashion. You may even have a Pinterest board named “all things pretty.”

You appreciate beauty on all levels and glean satisfaction when you can provide a “beauty tip” to others.

7. You Prefer Caring for Women Over Men

Be honest! It is ok to favor providing care to women over men.

According to a national review of 2013 plastic surgery statistics, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery found that women comprised 90.6% of all nonsurgical cosmetic procedures (www.plasticsurg.org).

Given that I am a women’s health nurse practitioner, I do prefer caring for women over men. However, even with that said, there are a number of men who are on my schedule that I treat for various aesthetic procedures.

Nevertheless, I would venture to say that my gender demographics are right in line with the ASAPS data.

8. You Can Easily Say Your Zipper is Down

Many times, a patient will come through your office door and ask what you think they need in order to appear more “beautiful.” You feel that the kind and polite answer naturally would be “you are already beautiful and you do not need a thing.” Nonetheless, you know that as a nurse, you are to be honest with your patients but you are a bit hesitant to do so.

Clients want an honest nurse injector who will tell them what they need or do not need. My clients often tell me they come to me because they know I will be honest with what their needs are at the time. Many times, I will tell a client that they do not currently need anything or that their forehead plainly does not require Botox yet. I simply explain that it is too soon, or they currently do not have an anatomical need for an aesthetic procedure.

The honest answer to the patient’s query should be the same as what you would say to your very good friend: “you are already beautiful…but the hollows under your eyes do show your age more than anything else. However, we can use a little filler in those areas which will provide you with a totally refreshed and younger look!” Wala! The patient is happy!! You have solved her concerns. And, yes…I am the girl who tells her girlfriend that she has something in her teeth, her slip is showing, or that her zipper is down!

9. You Were Always Enticed by Plastic Surgery or Dermatology

In the back of your mind, you were continually intrigued, but you did not know how to get started in the specialty fields of plastic surgery or dermatology nursing. You may not even have had any clinical experience or exposure to these two areas in nursing school. However, if given the choice today for a clinical rotation, plastic surgery or dermatology nursing would be first on your list.

10. You Have a Calm and Steady Hand

Let us just say one of your most favorite games as a child was Operation! You had such precision you could rock those tweezers and pull out all those rubber bands, bones, and water bucket without being buzzed. Fast forward to today and you readily realize all over again that you still have those steady and calm hands.

Well…Welcome to the world of nurse injectors!!

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About the Author:

Haley Wood, offers her cosmetic patients a unique combination of experience, knowledge and personal attention. With almost a decade of experience in the field of Aesthetic Nursing, her areas of expertise include non-surgical facial rejuvenation with her distinctive injection technique.


  1. Angel April 10, 2018 at 8:54 am - Reply

    Can an NP with a DEA number order botox directly from company?

    • Haley Wood May 16, 2018 at 11:54 am - Reply

      In Tennessee, I could not open an Allergan account as a NP unless I had a medical director sign for product.

  2. Jennifer Dossett May 17, 2018 at 7:55 am - Reply

    You nailed it all, and did an eloquent job! Thank you!

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