Recently, I made the financial leap to join Strategic Coach (SC).  SC is a network of business coaches who help entrepreneurs develop key strategies for successful lives and businesses.  You don’t have to be an entrepreneur, it’s truly beneficial for anyone building a business or platform.  Meetings are held across the globe, including Toronto and London.  I was able to join the Chicago meeting.  The decision to join SC was equally personal and professional.  As my aesthetic practice grows and my son enters high school, I found myself pulled in many directions.  Clarity and balance were needed in all areas of my life.  And boy, did I find it!

Let me say first and foremost, when I write blogs and discuss my experience with a certain product or brand, I receive no kick backs.  I am transparent in my posts.  My purpose is to solely share my experience, whether good or bad, in order to help you in your aesthetic practice.  I found my time at SC so valuable, that I would hope it can serve you as well.  Okay….let’s move on!

Here’s what I learned at SC:  it takes strategy to live a purposeful life.  Duh, right?

It was my light bulb moment, simple as it may be.  After sitting in a room for 8 hours, I realized through the questions and pathways asked of us that life can be extraordinary, but you must plan for your success on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis.  Success will not be handed to you and it doesn’t come without forethought.  Building a successful aesthetic practice, requires the same forethought, intention and planning.

Do you see where I am going with this?  Your successful aesthetic practice will allow you to enjoy life’s greatest pleasures and experiences.   The more you cultivate your practice, the greater joy you will experience in your time away from the practice.

Within 8 hours, I learned how to manage my calendar, week by week and day by day.  Through this process, I learned how to start each day and week intentionally according to my life’s goals.

Here’s how I start each week.  Every Sunday, I take a look at my week ahead.  Which days are solely focused in my practice, solely focused in my home life or a mix of the two?

My practice-focused days are days in which I only generate revenue. I set financial goals for these practice focused days.  During these clinic days, I don’t worry about a malfunctioning office bathroom toilet or submitting payroll, I only focus on my patients and injecting.  Let’s face it, I can’t multitask.  I don’t answer unnecessary texts, emails or phone calls during my practice focused days.  My day is spent seeing patients, injecting, assessing faces and creating treatment plans.  I walk into each patient room laser focused on why that patient is in that exam chair.  My goal is to have at least three practice-focused days a week.

My home-focused days are spent NOT doing anything business related such as meetings with reps or answering emails.  My home-focused days are spent with my son, reading, taking golf lessons, working out, cooking, traveling or just getting my grey hair colored (for Pete’s sake). I have no less than two home-focused days a week.  I try not to step into the office for any reason.

My in-between days are spent doing whatever needs to be done to make my practice-focused and home- focused days run more smoothly.  For example, on an in-between day, I might do payroll, blog, run errands, go to the bank, meet with reps, or plan for the next practice event.  I complete tasks that aren’t generating income but need to be done in order to run the practice.  I may have 1-2 in-between days a week.

Sunday evenings allow me the weekly insight I need to run the week intentionally in order to meet the goals I have put in place during my time at SC.  On Sunday, I create my top 3 priorities for the upcoming week, write down my projects for the week, note who is in charge to help me with those projects, review my Top 20 patients who are coming in that week, and finally, write down what accomplishments I had from the prior week.  It’s so important to write down what went well so you can praise yourself and those staff who made it successful.

Each practice focused day starts with reviewing the specific day ahead.  I wake up 30 minutes earlier than I normally would to grab coffee and review my weekly planner.  I write down my top three priorities for that day and make a list of my top 20 patients who are coming in that day for services.  I am very aware who my Top 20 clients are on a continual basis.  My practice manager updates this list on a regular basis so I am intimately aware of who they are and why they are coming in that day to see me.   After this daily planning, I read my Bible, pray and get my day started…usually with another cup of black coffee, no cream or sugar, please!

Once I am in the office, my day is planned.  I share the Top 20 with the team, create gift bags for those on the Top 20 list and set my focus: making patients look and feel their best.   My team is aware that my practice-focused days are just that; don’t come to me with a non-emergencies such as Mollie Sue cancelled her appointment and needs to come back in the two days or that the toilet is backed up.  (Yes, I mention the toilet several times in the blog because it’s happened 5x in our first year of business, so it’s my reality, lol!)  The staff are equipped with the tools they need to make decisions and get non-emergency type tasks completed.  We have the darn plumber on speed dial and they know when to call!

When I start my practice-focused days in this manner, my day is full of energy and clarity.  My mindset is positive and ultimately, there is a calmness.

Let’s be honest, life is going to throw some curve balls professionally and personally.   There is no way around it; it’s so easy to get off track in all areas of your life.  Balance is almost impossible to attain, but I will say, that going to SC has helped me find the course, stay the course and remember the course for the life I want to live.

Action item on your to do list:  who are your Top 20 patients?  Get to know them well.




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Haley Wood, offers her cosmetic patients a unique combination of experience, knowledge and personal attention. With almost a decade of experience in the field of Aesthetic Nursing, her areas of expertise include non-surgical facial rejuvenation with her distinctive injection technique.

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