Be a Sharp Injector, go blunt-tip: My Top 5 Cannula Sites

Clearly, the microcannula technique is rapidly becoming a very popular delivery method in the U.S. for dermal fillers. However, as we all know, complications such as bruising, edema, and vascular occlusion can occur with ANY injection technique. Nevertheless, the risk of vascular occlusion and necrosis is far less with the use of microcannulas. A few years ago [...]

10 Reasons Why being a Nurse Injector is Right for You

1. You Are a Detail-Oriented Individual You are the kind of person who seeks perfection. You create checklists to make sure important details are not overlooked and you closely adhere to policies and procedures. In the aesthetic arena, you know that symmetry is beauty; yet you also recognize the fact that very few people are [...]

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How to do Neurotoxin Reconstitution

Years back, a rep came into my first practice and mentioned that the most popular dermatologist in town for administering Botox had a very specific reconstitution for each area of the face. I thought to myself, "that's nonsense, he is weird and wants to be known as eccentric." However, now, I do understand the method [...]

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