Recently, I made the financial leap to join Strategic Coach (SC).  SC is a network of business coaches who help entrepreneurs develop key strategies for successful lives and businesses.  You don't have to be an entrepreneur, it's truly beneficial for anyone building a business or platform.  Meetings are held across the globe, including Toronto and [...]

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The top 3 considerations for a new practice start up

The journey has begun!  After months (and months) of negotiation, trial and error, the doors to The Look Facial Aesthetics Boutique have opened!  As you may have read in the last post, I decided to leave the practice I had been with for eight years and venture out on my own.  A truly hard decision; [...]

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A practice built on Botox (using Southern idioms)

Can you build or even a start a great practice on Botox alone? You can bet your bottom dollar! (translate:  Yes, you can!) Here are 5 fail-proof principles to building a successful Botox practice: Deliver excellent results. Connect to the left side of the patient's brain. Present yourself as the facial expert. Find patients who [...]

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A plan for consultation success

For years, I underestimated the importance of a treatment plan during my consultations. As I think about all those poor patients who left my office without a plan of attack, I am a little embarrassed. Until recently did I start implementing a treatment plan for patients.  That's over eight years of poor planning.  Boo, Haley.  [...]

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Cherry pies and hyaluronic acid technology

Volbella’s FDA approval can’t come soon enough, right?   We need a soft and spreadable hyaluronic acid (HA) filler with a friendlier personality for tear troughs and fine lines. Currently, we have the perfect HA for cheek and chin volume, in Voluma and Lyft, but now we need the perfect match for smoothing fine lines without [...]

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Two techniques for tear troughs (do you like my alliteration?)

Over the years, our technique changes for every area we inject. One year, we may love Restylane in the tear trough with a cannula, the next we hate it and move on to the next filler du jour! It’s the cycle and rhythm we have come to love in this industry. The hot question at [...]

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