Five reasons why I love The Aesthetic Blueprint meeting

How often do we sink into our injection habits? Meaning, every new patient receives twenty units of Botox in the glabella, delivered over five aliquots of 4 unit doses? Or, you pick the same filler, time after time, never thinking about other ones that could perhaps do a better job?

It’s so easy to fall into this habit of same dose, same filler for every patient. We get busy with our patient load and defer to habit, rather than thought. My dear friend, Connie Brennan, told me about Aesthetic Blueprint and I am forever grateful. As a fellow colleague who is the queen bee of injectable education, she knows the latest in education courses throughout the country. Not only had she raved about the course, but she continues to attend every meeting that is offered. In fact, I noted Aesthetic Blueprint in my Ebook: “65 things to be a Great Aesthetic Nurse,” as one of my favored educational courses based on Connie’s recommendation alone.

After attending the Aesthetic Blueprint meeting in January, I know why the hype is real. I returned with a new perspective on facial rejuvenation. To me, attending this meeting is a must and here are five reasons why I love it so much:

Dr. Arthur Swift: Hands down, you cannot find a better teacher than Dr. Swift. I was amazed by his energy and willingness to share his secrets. So often, educators wear out after four hours of teaching; I humbly admit this myself. Dr. Swift was a machine, teaching for twelve hours in one day. He never showed fatigue. Yes, the course is a bit pricey at $1500, however, when the teaching goes on for a full day from someone so talented, your registration fee is a drop in the bucket.

PHI: Somewhere in your education, I am sure you have heard of the Golden Ratio of beauty, known as PHI. Dr. Swift brings the ratio of 1:1.618 to facial symmetry using the calibers he has specifically created for injection perfection. You receive the calibers with registration and he shows you how to use them correctly in order to place filler in the right areas of the face depending on the PHI ratio.

Blending: Dr. Swift blends many of his fillers. I love what he says, “every filler has its own personality.” How true that statement is. When he wants lift, he will use unblended Restylane Lyft or Voluma to gain height and structure; however, if he wants a very thin product for softening of the forehead rhytids, he will blend Restylane Silk. I have started blending Restylane Silk for forehead rhytids and it’s beautiful. Added 0.5cc to 1cc of saline to 1cc of hyaluronic product is the typical blending shown by Dr. Swift. He actually adds in a small bit of lidocaine with epinephrine but I am a little more timid to add epinephrine, myself.

Anatomy: I recorded with my iPad over two hours of lecture because it was impossible for me to retain the anatomical knowledge he shared. Because he treats high risk areas such as the forehead and nose, he goes into a very detailed explanation of vascular anatomy. I used to think that Dr. DeMaio’s “anatomy book” was the bomb diggity, however, Dr. Swift’s version was fascinating. He also gives a a great protocol for vascular occlusion which I have never read in clinical journals.

Focus on the Left: I will be honest and say that I learned much more from Dr. Swift than Dr. Kent Remington, who was the other course co-faculty physician; however, Dr. Remington brought a unique, left sided perspective that was impactful to my practice. Using the left side of our brains, we need to connect with the emotional reasons why patients are in our office. Once we understand why looking their best is important, we give the patient an opportunity to know that we truly care about them. Cosmetic procedures are a commodity. When you give twenty units of Botox over and over again, you are delivering a commodity that can be done on every street corner. However, if you tailor that dosing and bring the left side of the brain into the equation, you will have a patient for life because you understand their goals and desires behind looking their best.

We are in this business because we are good at what we do, we are passionate about what we do and we can earn a living at what we do. Striving to be our best with our talent should be our ongoing professional goal. You won’t regret attending Aesthetic Blueprint, I promise! If you decide to go, you will probably see me there, recording with my iPad!

If you haven’t attended Aesthetic Blueprint, what are your favorite meetings?

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Haley Wood, offers her cosmetic patients a unique combination of experience, knowledge and personal attention. With almost a decade of experience in the field of Aesthetic Nursing, her areas of expertise include non-surgical facial rejuvenation with her distinctive injection technique.

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  1. Gina Bucherich February 16, 2016 at 12:22 am - Reply

    Love reading your blogs Haley! Sounds like I should sign up for Blueprint:)

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