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The Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Guidebook 

Essentials the Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Should Know

The Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Guidebook is a much-needed companion to be included in every aesthetic practitioner’s collection of resources for a successful practice. 

This guidebook provides simple and clear understanding and insight into the world of aesthetic consults, injectables, lasers, lights, sclerotherapy, and clinical skin care. With this knowledge, you’ll better be able to demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills related to the practice of aesthetic nursing.

This 66-page, easy-to-read guide presents comprehensive information from consulting with patients to follow-up after treatment. It covers: dermal fillers, Botox, laser and light devices, skincare and sclerotherapy and more. It features full-color photos and illustrations, tips and notes from experienced injectors, product overviews, quizzes and suggested reading for further study.

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What It Covers

Unit 1: The Aesthetic Consult

  • Medical and Surgical History
  • Allergies
  • Medications and Supplements
  • Skin History
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  • Other Considerations for the Aesthetic Consult

Unit 2: Dermal Fillers and Volume Enhancers

  • Facial Anatomy
  • Facial Muscle Structure
  • Product Injectables and FDA Approved Indications for Non-Surgical Treatments

Unit 3: Botulinum Toxin Type A

  • Seven Known Serotypes
  • FDA Approved Neurotoxin Compounds
  • FDA Approved Doses
  • Mechanisms of Action
  • Reconstitution and Handling of Neurotoxins
  • Consensus Report

Unit 4: Lasers, Light and Energy Devices

  • Properties and the Laser
  • Choices of Lasers
  • Laser Safety
  • Patient Assessment and Preparation
  • Non-Ablative Lasers and Light Based Devices
  • Skin Tightening Devices
  • Fat Reduction Devices (non-surgical)

Unit 5: Clinical Skincare

  • Anatomy of the Skin
  • Daily Skincare and Products
  • Repair and Rejuvenation: Retinoids, Growth Factors and Peptides
  • Skin Care Concerns
  • Patient History and Assessment for Clinical Skincare and Treatments
  • Peeling Compounds
  • Mechanical Exfoliation

Unit 6: Sclerotherapy and Telangiectasis of the Lower Extremities

  • Venous Anatomy of the Lower Extremity
  • Telangiectasia – Spider Veins
  • Components of Sclerotherapy
  • Sclerosing Agents
  • Treatments

Sample Pages

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