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Injection University is now LIVE!

Perfect your technique, elevate your art

Learn advanced level injection techniques direct from one of the country’s premier instructors, Haley Wood.

With almost a decade of experience in the field of Aesthetic Nursing, Haley’s expertise in non-surgical facial rejuvenation and distinctive injection technique have led to her to the nation’s top practices, where she has provided extensive training and contributed to cutting edge injectable instruction.

Injection University packages her knowledge, experience and artistic approach into easy-to-follow videos that provide you the tools you need to increase your confidence, master your technique, and bring greater satisfaction to your patients.

Happier customers ultimately lead to growth in your business. And with the community Injection University surrounds you with, you’ll continue to grow while encouraging others and having even more fun with your career.

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Increase your confidence, master your technique, and bring greater satisfaction to your patients.
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Who is Injection University for?

Nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, surgeons who inject dermal fillers and neurotoxins and want additional training to hone their craft.

How do I get started?

Visit this page to learn about the two tracks that are now available:

  • Botox Training for Injectors: A Comprehensive Guide to the Basics and Beyond
  • Microcannulas for Injectors: How to Master a Safer Technique for Dermal Fillers

These videos and their bonus features will help you master best practices and give you insight into patients’ needs.

Course Preview

Our dashboard provides easy access to all the videos in the course, whether you are learning at home or on the go.

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Begin to Master Best Practices

Learn advanced level injection techniques direct from one of the country’s premier instructors, Haley Wood.
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The Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Guidebook

Haley Wood offers an exclusive access to The Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Guidebook, a much-needed companion to be included in every aesthetic practitioner’s collection of resources for a successful practice. 

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Study Guide

Haley Wood Aesthetics Training

Haley Wood Aesthetics offers private training options with a personalized approach for the aesthetic practitioner.

Private training will not only grow your patient base, increase your revenue and deliver profit, but it will help you refine your injection and selling methods through our proven training program. You’ll also build on your beginner, intermediate, and expert level injection techniques while expanding your understanding of neuromodulators and dermal filler utilization.

Schedule a training session today.

Full Day Training

Ideal for novice injectors that are looking to improve technique

Eight Hours of Training

Our full-day course focuses on improving techniques using neuromodulators and dermal fillers. Ideal for the office that has one to three injectors, sessions will include training on patient consultation, anatomy for appropriate injection sites, rejuvenation benchmarks, practice planning and marketing strategies.

Half-Day Training Session

An advanced course tailored to the expert or professional injector

Four Hours of Training

The advanced course will focus on mastering advanced injection skills for lip sculpting, tear trough rejuvenation, cheek enhancement and augmentation. We will also cover blunt cannula injection techniques. This course is the perfect complement to previous aesthetic training and at least two years of injector experience.

Customized Training Sessions

Ideal for owners who are looking to get a competitive edge in their marketplace.

Customized Training Sessions

Take your business further with a customized training session focused on maximizing your injection revenues and profits. Topics include: proven tips for building your aesthetic injection practice, marketing strategies, improving consultation conversion, product bundling and services, as well as aesthetic skincare and treatments.

Why Choose HWA

      • Trusted Educator & Trainer for Allergan and Galderma
      • Almost 10 years of injection experience
      • Trained over 3000 nurses and doctors across the US
      • Advocate and mentor to the aesthetic nurse community

What Patients & Clients Say

As a leading aesthetic nurse specialist and expert, Haley has inspired me to become more of an autonomous nurse and critical thinker. Through an emphasis on active learning, Haley has taught me the importance of continuing and professional education.
Georgia Elmassian, MSN, MA, CPSN, CFLE, East Lansing, MI
Haley has impacted my aesthetic education in immeasurable ways. It is amazing what you will learn in just a few hours with this incredible injector/trainer/nurse practitioner.
Shannon Anzivino, FNP-C, Sona Medspa Memphis
If you’re looking for A “lifetime” of cosmetic care with someone who will study your needs and develop a program that has lasting results and the absolute best follow-up in the world—then Haley is who you need to trust! Believe me–I would follow her to the ends of the earth.
Connie Hamilton, Patient
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