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Podcasts are like Netflix crack to me. I love to subscribe to podcasts, looking through all the interesting episodes I have missed, and hitting the download button. I get a little giddy over podcasts that involve leadership, communication and marketing because I need help in all the above. So, when I hit the open road traveling to a long distance training session or after dropping off my son at school, I hit that purple app on my iPhone and pick my next professional or personal development session! I don’t subscribe to many medical podcasts because I don’t want to listen to them! We spend our 9-5 day in the midst of injectables and I don’t want to hear about it in the off hours.

Here are 5 of my favorite podcasts:

1. This is Your Life by Michael Hyatt. Honestly, it’s my favorite podcast. Michael has a relaxing, confident spirit that lends to his leadership advice. He has a strong Christian faith which infuses into his advice and methodology. “How to have a better dinner conversation” helped me with not only communicating at professional functions, but it also helped me with my own dinner table conversations with my friends and family. The information he gives is packed with pure goodness and it’s free. I am actually a paying member of Platform University, which offers more indepth advice on growing your own platform business. He lives in Franklin, Tennessee which is where I live. If I ever have a chance to run into him, I might act like school girl who just saw NKOTB..oh wait, did i just date myself? Oops.

2. Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield. This girl is the real deal when it comes to Facebook marketing. I love her easy approach and simple algorithms to marketing. Each podcast comes with a free PDF, which you can download. Most recently, I listened to Episode 71: Masterminding Your Way to Success. I printed out the steps to forming my own Mastermind group. Who is up for a meeting of minds in aesthetic practice every week via phone? Me!!

3. Andy Stanley Leadership: I stumbled upon Andy’s leadership podcasts about a month ago. Again, these podcasts have nothing to do with plastic surgery, which can be so refreshing! The knowledge I gain from his wisdom is invaluable. Leading a team is hard; management can right out suck! Managing estrogen, even harder! Learning how leaders deal with conflict resolution, delegation and communication styles are imperative. Recently, I listened to his podcast, “Daring Destinations, Part 1 and 2.” He interviewed Popeye’s restaurant CEO, Cheryl Bacheldor, who discussed how she prioritized needs and decisions when turning around a failing company.

4. The NipTuck Talk Show: I will be honest, I don’t listen too often, but I threw it in the mix because it’s directly related to our world of beauty. What I love is that for ONCE a media channel allows nurses, surgeons and physicians to contribute to the forum. So many media outlets don’t include nurses. Michele Yarber, you are my hero! You bring in the experts and by including NURSES within this group to discuss cosmetic procedures and skincare, you give us a voice. Don’t get me started on RealSeaf and NewBeauty Magazine’s stance on physician only contributions within their material. Really, don’t get me started! You have to check out our very own Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, MK Maloney, discuss Botox and fillers on March 22nd’s episode!

5. Stuff you Missed in History Class: This is goof off podcast for me. It’s fun, off the beaten path and oddly educational. You may never use this knowledge again; however, you can be that super interesting person at the holiday dinner table who asks if anyone knows how eggnog got started in the US? I mean..who doesn’t love a good eggnog story?

The point to all of this is to diversify your ear! I have truly enjoyed podcasts and I wish I had opened that cute purple app a long time ago.

What is your favorite podcasts and why?

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Haley Wood, offers her cosmetic patients a unique combination of experience, knowledge and personal attention. With almost a decade of experience in the field of Aesthetic Nursing, her areas of expertise include non-surgical facial rejuvenation with her distinctive injection technique.

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  1. Kelly Sullivan, RN, BSN July 19, 2016 at 5:40 pm - Reply

    Would love a telephone online marketing think group telephone call. Now that’s a new area to move into. Podcast meets conferance call. Hmmmm

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